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Get testimonials fast.

People hate advertising but love recommending companies they like.
Neuronz helps you get and publish testimonials effortlessly.
Let your fans do the selling for you!

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How it works…

You email your customers using Neuronz™ customer feedback platform. We ask them for a 1-click rating of your service within the email, and one simple question on the landing page. That's it.

We then publish the happy testimonials on your website as Verified Customer Reviews with 5-star ratings so they can do the selling for you. Psychologists call it social proof. We call it word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

The result is increased trust, which leads to increased conversions. You're already driving traffic to your website but most bounces off without taking action. Want more business? More enquiries? More sign-ups? This is how to get 'em.

We also aggregate your customer satisfaction levels using Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology and graph the results. You can monitor NPS by company, branch, rep, whichever way you want. This part isn't public - it's for your eyes only.

Net Promoter Score is both a customer loyalty metric and a discipline for using feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business. Higher scores are strongly correlated with higher profits and greater growth!

  • Testimonial harvesting - the easy way
  • Customer reviews & 5-star ratings - published on your website
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (NPS score) - done for you


Here's what you get with Neuronz customer feedback platform...

Customer Reviews

Effortlessly get 5-star ratings and genuine customer reviews.

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Authentic Testimonials

Publish authentic testimonials for all to see.

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User-Generated Content

Populate your website with user-generated content that Google loves.

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Measure Customer Loyalty

Monitor your customer satisfaction levels using Net Promoter Score® methodology.

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Compare Customer Loyalty

Compare your Net Promoter Score® across each branch and/or rep.

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Get Customer Feedback

Find out how to improve your customer experience for even better future results.

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